Here's some answers to our most common questions. You can also send us an email using the form below.

Can I make a reservation?

Yes! Check out the Locations section of our website for more details. Please note that reservations can only be made online. We do not accept requests by phone or email.

What are your holiday opening times & hours?

Please see the Locations section of our website for holiday opening times & hours at all of our restaurants.

What forms of payment do you accept?

It varies by location, but credit and PIN cards are always welcome. Rumor has it we also accept diamonds. 💎

Do you offer takeaway or delivery?

At some locations yes, others no. Check out our Locations section for more details.

Is it possible to arrange a large party or event at one of your restaurants?

Yes! If you’re interested, tell us a little bit more by using this form.

Do you cater private events or parties?

We love catering! If you’re interested, tell us a little bit more by using this form.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we do! They are available from €25 in any amount you like, and you can choose delivery by e-mail or post. Get them here, or in one of our locations.

I am interested in opening an Avocado Show restaurant, where can I get more information?

Let’s talk! Send an email to our team at franchising@theavocadoshow.com.

When are you less busy?

We get this question a lot for our original location in the De Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam. If you want to walk right in or keep your wait to a minimum, we recommend coming before 10:00 in the morning or after 15:00 in the afternoon.

Can I make adjustments because of preferences and/or allergies?

Absolutely. Just be sure to speak to a member of our staff when once you’re seated at the restaurant. We can’t promise to accommodate every single request, but we will always do our best to make your avo dreams come true!

Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?

Many of our dishes are vegetarian or vegan. You can find check them out in our Locations & Menus.

Do you have gluten-free options?

We don’t have a specific gluten-free menu. But many of our dishes are naturally gluten free, or can be made gluten free on request. Be sure to talk to our staff when you arrive.

Do you offer avocado-free options?

Believe it or not, even WE don’t eat avocado in everything. Some of our dishes do not have avocado, and others can be made without avocado upon request.

Do you have a kids menu?

We don’t have a special menu for kids, but we are sometimes able to create smaller avocado plates for smaller appetites. Just ask our staff when you are ready to order.

Where can I get your recipes?

If you are interested in bringing some Avocado Show magic to your own kitchen, we recommend our cookbook. You can find it in our shop.

Where do your avocados come from?

We source our avocados from different farms throughout the world depending on time of year and growing season. More importantly, we only work with farmers and suppliers who have sustainable and socially responsible operations. In The Netherlands, we get our delicious, eat-ripe avocados from Nature’s Pride.

How many avocados do you use each day?

A lot! We can easily go through several hundred per day at one of our restaurants.

What are your views on sustainability?

We believe the future is green and we make it a point to do our part. You can see more about our efforts here.

Do you do collabs with influencers

Sometimes, yes. Send an email to info@theavocadoshow.com with your proposal and we’ll get back to you.

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